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North West Leeds Transport Forum


NWLTF was established in May 2013 by a group of residents from Weetwood and West Park who were concerned that knowledge of the Trolleybus proposals was limited and the debate risked being very polarized. The official NGT publications and organized information events had clearly failed to convince residents of north-west Leeds that the scheme was able to withstand scrutiny or command public support.

It was felt that there needed to be a forum to facilitate informed discussion about the transport problems in North West Leeds and about the impact of proposals such as the Northern Route of the Trolleybus.

The Forum's initial remit was to consider the implications of the trolleybus scheme for the A660 and, through careful analysis, to establish a reasoned basis from which to judge this development. This judgment would be based on the proposed scheme's:

The Forum's Objectives:

Forum Membership and Modus Operandi

Membership is open to Resident Groups, residents, professional advisors and business representatives from North West Leeds, who share the objectives outlined above*.

The work of the Forum is carried out by a Working group drawn from representatives from the two original founding resident associations, Weetwood Residents Association and West Park Residents Association, together with co-opted members from other resident groups and individuals who can bring specific expertise and professional experience to the working group. In addition working documents and ideas have been disseminated and discussed across a wider audience of interested parties.

Documents prepared by the working group are published on the NWLTF website ( and circulated by email to members and other interested parties. In addition to preparing documents, NWLTF has conducted an Opinion Survey (circulated to residents through community associations adjacent to the A660), and has organized two large information events on the implication of NGT.


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