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Welcome to the North West Leeds Transport Forum (NWLTF).

NWLTF was established to provide a forum for discussion of transport issues affecting North West Leeds. It draws its membership from local resident and community associations, and liaises closely with local businesses. Its objective is to help and support local communities to evaluate the likely effects of transport proposals on their area and to be pro-active in identifying desirable changes.

NWLTF is co-chaired by Doug Kemp who is chairman of the West Park Resident's Association and Martyn Thomas who is chairman of the Weetwood Resident's Association the Weetwood Resident's Association.

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Recent News

May 2020 - Leeds Bradford Airport - Protest Flyer


The flyer can be accessed here

It is important that you make your views known to Leed City Council via the planning portal.

More information is also available here.

May 2020 - Leeds Bradford Airport - Planning Application 20/02559/FU


There are plans afoot to make big changes at LBA. The planning application reference for all this is 20/02559/FU. It is up for consideration now and the Council are already accepting comments from interested parties. The application incorporates the construction of a new terminal and probably the most immediate aspect for Leeds residents is an increase in the permitted night flying hours. If the application is successful, the daytime operating hours will be brought forward to 06:00 in the morning (from 07:00 as at present) and extended to 23:30 (from 23:00) in the evening. The planning application has serious implications for noise, the environment, carbon emissions and traffic issues. More detailed information can be found by visiting the GALBA website

It is important that you make your views known to Leed City Council via the planning portal.

More information is also available here.

February 2020 - NWLTF response to LBA expansion plans

NWLTF response to the plans can be found here
In addition NWLTF comments on the Leeds plan for access to the airport 'Parkway' can also be found on that page.

January 2020 - LBA Subission to LCC concerning airport expansion

Leed Bradford Airport have submitted a pre-application document to Leeds Council planning committee which details their proposed expansion to the airport including a new terminal and increased flying hours.
Details of the this application can be found here . Please note that this document was provided by Leeds City Council and the Chrome web browser seems to display it strangely. Scroll to the right to read the document.

February 2019 - NWLTF submits request for call in

Following earlier work prompted by residents of North West Leeds over aircraft noise, NWLTF have written to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requesting for a call in of the proposal for changes in the Leeds Bradford Airspace on the grounds that they will affect a significant number of residents with an increase in aircraft noise.
Details of the letters can be found here .

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